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Welcome to CO4


Enterprise Cloud Solutions

We’re a company that understands the challenges and risks faced by our customers in an evolving digital world. Committed to offering unmatched services in advice and strategy, technology and operations we want to help you through the transformation of your business using innovative thinking and collaborative approaches.

Certified Cloud Architects

With decades of experience in building Cloud solutions dealing with highly scalable, secure and performance oriented systems we will plan your Cloud infrastructure from strategy to execution.

Holistic Approach

Choosing the best Cloud option for your business can be an overwhelming process. We work closely with your teams to understand your requirements and challenges to design a strategy for your business. We will then advise you on the appropriate solution: a public Cloud, a virtual private Cloud or a combination of both by creating a hybrid Cloud.

Operate Securely

Our experienced Identity and Security experts will ensure you comply with regulatory and data sovereignty requirements. Through our rigorous requirements gathering and analysis processes, we will ensure strategic solutions are implemented to control access to services and data.