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Our Services


Our services are built around four key pillars and they are:

  • Advisory – Strategy, technology, and roadmaps
  • Cloud – Public, private and hybrid Cloud platforms
  • Digital – Enablement, transformation and optimisation
  • Applications – Assessment, implementation and optimisation

Transformation and migration

Our Cloud Transformation encompasses all the services that are required to move your resources to the Cloud in a highly secure and cost-effective manner.

These includes:

  • Cloud Readiness, where we prepare a Proof of Concept (PoC) and make any architectural changes leveraging the advantages of the Cloud model.
  • Cloud Setup, we set up a broad Cloud architecture that will meet security and compliance requirements, manages systems on Cloud including access control, storage and integration functions. Review and modify necessary redundancy and Disaster Recovery plans.
  • Migration and Deployment, we follow a phased migration approach based on a least criticality or high savings or less dependency order and ensure dependent systems are not disrupted.
  • Automation, to minimise the cost of operations and increase cost savings, we introduce automation at all possible areas including DevOps, auto scaling, monitoring and alerting.
  • Testing, covers the functional testing of the resources as well as non-functional testing such as failover, performance and scalability.
  • Documentation, this is critical to all aspects of the process as it provides the necessary information that completes the cycle of transformation to a Cloud service.



Software as a Service (SaaS)

Accelerate the full potential of software as a service by leveraging Cloud innovation capabilities to meet emerging business and technology challenges and to quickly drive significant business value across the enterprise.

Strategy, assessment and roadmap

We assess the viability of Cloud computing for your business and identify the benefits that could be realised by scrutinising your portfolio to identify those applications and services that would be most beneficial for transition, assess their readiness for migration and provide a road map designed to obtain maximum benefit.


Protect your business with our Cloud security services including governance and compliance, application security, data privacy and protection, foundation security, digital identity and cyber defence.