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Tailored to your business

Leveraging our years of all-in focus on cloud services, we leverage the unique expertise across our highly talented team to build IP-led solutions and software that solve customer challenges.

Cloud Assessment

  • Assess your cloud environment
  • Identify risk and issues
  • Gap Analysis with next steps
  • Cost Optimisation
Cloud Reference Architecture

  • Proven Cloud Establishment Architecture
  • Intensive workshops
  • Build your Azure Virtual Datacentre

Cloud Assessment

The challenges that face IT professionals today go beyond reducing cost, increasing efficiency and mitigating risk. A clear strategic roadmap is essential for successful Cloud adoption and our Cloud Readiness Assessment will be the first step in the process.

We will work with your personnel to fully understand your environment, so you can be confident that your services and applications will work in your chosen Cloud solution.

Whether you adopt a private, native, hybrid or multi-cloud model, we will assess the cloud technology currently utilised across your business and prepare your Cloud Readiness Assessment. We will then provide advice on the most appropriate model tailored to your business and create a comprehensive plan to integrate the solution under enterprise ready control.

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment helps decision making by:

  • Identifying which applications are candidates for Cloud migration
  • Identifying the best fit Cloud service model for candidate applications
  • Taking the risk out of complex Cloud migrations

Governance at Scale

When moving to the Cloud, you must address the topic of governance early to ensure the successful use of the Cloud within the enterprise. Unfortunately, the time and bureaucracy of creating a comprehensive governance system means some business groups go directly to providers without involving enterprise IT. This approach can leave the organisation open to compromise if the resources are not properly managed. The characteristics of the public Cloud – agility, flexibility, and consumption-based pricing – are important to business groups that need to quickly meet the demands of customers (both internal and external). But, enterprise IT needs to ensure that data and systems are effectively protected. Customers need a solid foundation or scaffold to enforce security, governance.

The scaffold is based on practices we have gathered from many engagements with clients of various sizes. Those clients range from small organizations developing solutions in the cloud to large multi-national enterprises and independent software vendors who are migrating workloads and developing Cloud-native solutions. The enterprise scaffold is “purpose-built” to be flexible to support both traditional IT workloads and agile workloads;

Our “Governance at Scale” solution will help you build the scaffold for your new Cloud environment.

Cloud Reference Architecture

The Cloud Reference Architecture (CRA) combines CO4 recommended compute, network, and storage guidance to support the extension of your datacentre environment through the use of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) constructs. The scope of the CRA is to provide the necessary guidance to develop Cloud-based solutions by establishing a subscription model that meets the business, identity, security, infrastructure, and development requirements held by most organizations adopting a public cloud services strategy. The CRA is a collection of materials including design guidance and design patterns to support a structured approach to architect services and applications hosted within the Cloud.

We understand that customers have a need for detailed, modular, and current architecture guidance for solutions build in the Cloud; CO4 can help organizations quickly develop and implement Cloud-based solutions while reducing complexity and risk.

PCI DSS Compliance

Organisations storing, processing or transmitting credit card data are required to demonstrate compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). PCI DSS Compliance operates to provide assurance to both customers, and payment processors such as Visa, Mastercard and Amex, that adequate IT security controls are in place to reduce the risk of payment card theft and fraud.

Consisting of twelve requirements and three hundred controls, the PCI DSS Compliance standard is both prescriptive, and comprehensive which can prove overwhelming to both small businesses and large enterprises.

The steps required to demonstrate compliance depend on annual transaction volumes, and the Merchant Level of the business. Compliance may be determined through means of self-assessment or may require a more detailed annual onsite audit by an external assessor.

Whether you are a small business requiring assistance with a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), or a large enterprise handling millions of payments requiring support for a remediation program, we can assist your business through the compliance process.