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Saving runtime variables to Azure DevOps Variable Groups
Category: Azure
20 Oct

Debugging Windows Virtual Desktop Deployment Issues

  • 20 Oct, 2019
  • Alexandre Verkinderen

This blog post is a part of a Windows Virtual Desktop series. In our last blog post we succesfully deployed WVD but what I didn’t cover was the few issues I encountered when deploying the WVD template. This blog post will summarize the few issues I had and how to solve them.

19 Oct

Installing Windows Virtual Desktop

  • 19 Oct, 2019
  • Alexandre Verkinderen

Windows Virtual Desktop (or WVD) was finally released a few weeks back. This blog post will be part of a series of Windows Virtual Desktop related posts.

25 May

Configure regional settings on Azure Virtual Machines

By default every Windows virtual machine that you deploy in Azure from the marketplace will be deployed using US regional settings. So the timezone, time format, currency, keyboard will all be in EN-US. I got a few requests lately from customers and others if it would be possible to automate the regional settings, sytem locales and input locales configuration. This blogpost will cover how to create an XML settings file that contains all of our regional settings and how to apply those regional settings to our Virtual Machines in Azure. To be able to achieve this we are going to need 2 things: an XML file containing our regional settings and a PowerShell script to apply the regional settings.

17 Jan

Azure API Management Consumption Tier

Microsoft has announced a new Azure API Management Consumption tier. This new tier aligns with serverless architecture principles that includes automated scaling, built-in high availability and requires no infrastructure to provision or manage.