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Enable Azure NSG Flow and Traffic Analytics
Category: powershell
25 May

Configure regional settings on Azure Virtual Machines

By default every Windows virtual machine that you deploy in Azure from the marketplace will be deployed using US regional settings. So the timezone, time format, currency, keyboard will all be in EN-US. I got a few requests lately from customers and others if it would be possible to automate the regional settings, sytem locales and input locales configuration. This blogpost will cover how to create an XML settings file that contains all of our regional settings and how to apply those regional settings to our Virtual Machines in Azure. To be able to achieve this we are going to need 2 things: an XML file containing our regional settings and a PowerShell script to apply the regional settings.

28 Apr

Deploying Azure Resource Policies

Hi all, Before deploying anything in Azure you should think about Governance. You must address the topic of governance early to ensure the successful use of the cloud within your enterprise.  After a series of really intense governance workshops my cus...